The design of the faceplate for Schumacher Europe’s latest jumpstarter product was a crucial project for Marketing King. Our team was tasked with creating a design that was both visually appealing and conveyed the reliability and high-quality of the Schumacher brand.


Design of the Faceplate of a Jumpstarter

Marketing King was tasked with designing the faceplate for Schumacher Europe’s latest jumpstarter product. Our goal was to create a design that not only looked sleek and modern, but also conveyed the reliability and high-quality of the Schumacher brand.

Design Process

Our team conducted market research to determine the current design trends for jumpstarter faceplates. We also considered the target market and their needs, such as ease of use and safety features. After gathering this information, we created several design concepts for the faceplate, incorporating Schumacher’s brand colors and identity.

After presenting the concepts to Schumacher Europe, they chose a design that incorporated a sleek, modern look with safety features prominently displayed. The design includes an easy-to-read LED display, clearly labeled buttons, and an intuitive layout that makes using the jumpstarter a breeze.


The final design of the faceplate was well received by Schumacher Europe. The sleek, modern look of the jumpstarter combined with its ease of use and safety features make it a standout product in its market.


Marketing King is proud to have been a part of the development of this high-quality jumpstarter product. Our design team was able to create a faceplate that not only looks great but also helps make the jumpstarter a reliable and user-friendly product for Schumacher Europe’s customers.

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