The logo of a company is the face of the brand. It’s what people remember and identify with. This was especially true for “Tims Classics Cars”, a company that renovates classic cars. They needed a logo that was not only classic but also modern. In this blog post, we will share the process of designing their logo and how it represented their brand.

logo Design

Logo Design for "Tims Classics Cars"

Tims Classics Cars is a company that specializes in renovating classic cars. They came to us looking for a logo that would represent their brand and showcase their expertise in the industry.

The design process started with researching the classic car industry and understanding what makes Tims Classics Cars stand out from their competitors. We then worked on creating a logo that was both classic and modern. We incorporated a classic car image with a modern font to create a timeless logo.

The color palette we chose was also important in creating the overall look and feel of the logo. We opted for a dark blue and silver color scheme to represent luxury and sophistication.

The final logo was a success for Tims Classics Cars. It represented their brand and their expertise in the industry, while also being visually appealing and timeless.

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